We’re a doctor led team of healthcare experts offering a lifestyle medicine healthcare service

We’re a doctor led team of healthcare experts offering a lifestyle medicine healthcare service, successfully proven to improve your health

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We offer 1:1 video consultations and online group programmes to help you optimise your health.

We’re the UK’s first CQC registered lifestyle medicine healthcare service, helping patients manage their diagnosis, treatment and recovery of chronic diseases and certain cancers.

Plant based professional healthcare service

We are here to help you.

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes or heart disease, this can be a daunting time. However, you’re not alone and our team is here to support you to achieve improved health outcomes, together. For patients of chronic diseases and certain cancers, as well as anyone serious about getting back control of their health, our service is for you. We’re here to enable, guide and give you the tools to maintain a longer, happier and healthier lifestyle.

Let’s work together.

Our multi-disciplinary team of doctors, dieticians and healthcare specialists use an evidence-based, scientifically proven, approach to achieve improved health outcomes.

This includes:
Healthcare plans centred around your mental and health wellbeing, healing wholefood plant-based eating to help you feel your best, and depending on your preference, Group Programmes or Individual Consultations.

CQC registered online lifestyle medicine healthcare service
healthcare experts delivering lifestyle medicine healthcare

Group Programmes

We understand how having a supportive group network can help some people feel more empowered through shared experiences. Our Group Programmes are delivered in a caring, confidential group setting. It is the peer support and group dynamic that make Group Programmes so powerful.

How do Group Programmes work?

The PBHO team will guide and support you through regular online sessions. The groups bring together people who have shared similar experiences offering opportunities for learning, understanding and expert advice for improved health outcomes.

What are the benefits of Group Programmes?

  • Longer time with a healthcare professional
  • Access to healthcare experts
  • Reassuring proactive follow up
  • Confidence to take control
  • Peer connection and support
  • Shared decision making
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Continuity of care
  • Reduced costs

Who are Group Programmes for?

The PBHO team is currently running Group Programmes for patients in the following areas:

Read our stories of transformation

Lisa – 4

Working with Lisa was such a positive experience. She was so professional and knowledgeable and helped me cut through all the dubious and outdated dietary information there is out there. I feel so grateful I came across Lisa and a fully plant based diet and definitely feel this had a huge impact on the outcome for us.

Lisa – 3

Under Lisa’s care I feel healthier than I ever have. I have so much more energy and my hormonal acne and headaches disappeared. I’m convinced Lisa’s dietary advice helped me throughout the gruelling IVF process and I felt balanced and well. Our first round of IVF worked and we now have a beautiful baby girl!

Laura – 4

Laura was very helpful and very kind, showing great interest and care. She is definitely very knowledgeable and she has that human touch that sometimes is missing in other healthcare specialists. I would recommend her to anybody, above all for her holistic approach to medicine always lined up and supported by the most recent scientific outcomes.

Lisa – 2

Lisa really helped me understand what a plant-based lifestyle is all about. Six weeks and I have noticed a huge difference – I feel really healthy. It’s great feeling so much better in myself.

Laura – 3

If you need a doctor who will listen attentively to your health concerns, explain clearly how you can make changes to improve your health, support you during this process and empower you to advocate for your own health with other health care professionals then Dr. Laura Freeman is for you.

Lisa – 1

Lisa had a complete grasp of my issues and positively and successfully put me firmly back on track! I can now go forward with a clear understanding of what I am aiming for in terms of my optimum health. I feel excited and rejuvenated.

Laura – 2

It gave me great confidence and comfort to know that someone as qualified, experienced, and lovely as Dr. Freeman was there when I needed her to help me along my journey of improving my wellbeing. She is unique but so approachable and relatable too.

Laura – 1

Dr. Laura Freeman is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the capacity of nutrition to effect positive life changing benefits. After my consultation, I took the decision to try manage my condition without disease modifying medicine, which so far has been working well, and I feel better and have more energy. I cannot thank her enough!

Individual Consultations

With a diagnosis, we understand you may be feeling overwhelmed. You are not alone. Some of our team have survived the same experiences and the best news is that we can show you how to achieve improved health outcomes with the right tools, support and guidance.

Some of our clients prefer an individual consultation, if so, we are happy to provide our wellbeing packages with fixed-rate prices as and when you need us. We deliver lifestyle medicine which works alongside your GP, specialists and other healthcare providers to support you on your journey towards a healthier future. Starting today.

Online service to achieve improved health outcomes from chronic diseases

What the experts say

Dr Michael Greger

“Doctors in the UK bring plant-based diets to the forefront of healthcare to help patients overcome chronic illness. This approach is not only best for patients but essential for the health of the planet and for preventing the next pandemic.”

Dr Greger

Dr Michael Greger
Medical Doctor, Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, founder of NutritionFacts.org

Dr Aryan Tavakkoli

“The most powerful thing we can do to improve our health is to change our lifestyle. Through making changes in our outer and inner environment with easy and effectual adjustments in lifestyle, we lay the foundations for true health. The skillful team at PBHO offer medical expertise to help you reach optimal health by supporting you with practical steps to create those foundations, and enjoy the subsequent benefits.”

Aryan Tavakkoli

Dr Aryan Tavakkoli
Consultant physician with an interest in integrative oncology

Dr Kim Williams

“Plant based health online could not be more timely and relevant. We have been in a dual pandemic– cardiovascular disease and now SARS 2 COVID-19. Remarkably they have the same risk factors for a bad outcome, including obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and an inflammatory cytokine-generating microbiome. As the science unfolds it is clear that plant-based nutrition could have saved millions of lives by reducing these risk and disease promoting factors. The promotion of plant-based nutrition education to improve diet quality can save millions.”

Kim Williams

Dr Kim Williams
Past President American College of Cardiology

Dr Ayan Panja

“Plant based health online is a much needed resource in a world where long term non-communicable conditions are increasingly prevalent. This platform is a winning combination for those wanting to enjoy good long term health.”

Ayan Panja

Dr Ayan Panja
Co-creator, Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Caldwell B. Esselstyn

“Plant Based Health Online is a special place to acquire the knowledge of plant based nutrition which has profound enduring benefits for a life time avoidance of chronic illness. For many years I have responded to requests from the UK about plant based nutrition and how to implement it. I now feel confident to suggest that any of those inquires be referred to PBHO.”

Dr Caldwell B Esselstyn

Dr Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D
Physician, Author, Former Director the Cleveland Clinic

Dr Chidi Ngwaba

“I’m delighted that Plant Based Health Online is bringing real health and wellness care into the 21st century. I wholeheartedly endorse & support this programme as it offers health, healing, & humanity to all.”

Dr Chidi - Plant Based Health Online

Dr Chidi Ngwaba
Lifestyle Medicine Doctor

Dr David L. Katz

“Lifestyle medicine in general, and a specific shift to high-quality, plant-predominant dietary patterns, are directly responsive to the great health imperatives of our time: reducing the burdens of obesity and chronic disease, improving cardiometabolic health, reducing the acute risks of COVID, and addressing the urgencies of planetary health and sustainability. This platform is an important, timely advance of great promise at the confluence of many needs.”

David Katz

Dr David L. Katz, MD, MPH
Past President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Dr Gemma Newman

“This online resource provides a genuine lifeline for those who want to empower themselves to health, and do so with the guidance of a healthcare professional. The world needs more ways to encourage plant-based eating and health lifestyle changes. This evidence based approach has the power to change lives. This is a real game changer!”

Dr Gemma - Plant Based Health Online

Dr Gemma Newman

Brenda Davis

“If you or someone you care about needs support for a lifestyle-related condition or simply wants to improve their health and well being, Plant Based Health Online is a virtual gold mine. The offerings are extensive, the team is extraordinary, and the resources are engaging, informative, and reliable. With Plant Based Online, you will learn to eat well, live well, and reclaim your health!”

Brenda Davis

Brenda Davis, Registered Dietitian
Author, speaker, plant-based pioneer

Dr Alan Desmond

“The science is clear: a whole-food, plant-based diet is the optimal choice for human health and longevity. I’m so pleased that this network of health professionals is making evidence-based lifestyle medicine far more accessible to the general public.”

Dr Adam - Plant Based Health Online

Dr Alan Desmond
Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr Saray Stancic

“PBHO is exactly what is needed in healthcare today. The real solution to the ongoing chronic disease epidemic is not to develop yet another drug to treat hypertension or diabetes, instead it is to educate the public on the importance of our lifestyle choices. PBHO offers support to reclaim control of our health and live to our greatest potential, free of chronic disease. I’m so proud of my extraordinary colleagues, Dr. Freeman and Dr. Kassam, for creating the exact prescription needed to truly heal our global communities at the time when it is most needed.”

Dr Saray Stancic
Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr Laurie Marbas

“I am thrilled to see lifestyle medicine with a focus on plant-based nutrition is now available in the UK. Dr. Freeman and Dr. Kassam are excellent physicians and leaders and I am eager to see PBHO grow and help many across the UK.”

Dr Laurie Marbas
Co-founder Plant Based Telehealth

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