6 key lifestyle habits we should all prioritise in our lives

Jan 11, 2021

Lifestyle medicine is an exciting new specialty area which offers a truly holistic approach to your care. Up until now, you may have only been offered medications or surgery and of course, both of these can be right. But what if there was another option?

Lifestyle as medicine

In recognition of the fact that lifestyle factors and behaviours are responsible for the vast majority of chronic disease and death, doctors and health professionals around the world are using this knowledge to improve the lives of their patients.

Lifestyle medicine is an evidenced-based approach, which focuses on 6 main factors

  • A whole food plant based diet
  • Regular physical activity
  • Daily relaxation to lower stress
  • Fostering positive social connections
  • 8 hours of restful sleep/night
  • Avoiding risky substances such as cigarettes and alcohol

These form the six core components of lifestyle medicine as shown in this diagram.

 The history of Lifestyle Medicine

The American College of medicine was founded in 2004 by Dr John Kelly. In the last decade, there has been an accelerated growth of the speciality and there is now an abundance of scientific publications supporting this exciting area of medicine. Around the world, other countries have con-tinued to establish their own lifestyle medicine associations. More locally in 2016, the British Socie-ty of Medicine was founded. Together these organisations have held conferences, developed edu-cational and research programmes, medical school curriculums and other academic activities in-cluding the diploma of Lifestyle Medicine.

The future of Lifestyle Medicine

We see the bright future that Lifestyle Medicine can offer. By adopting a lifestyle first
approach, PBHO delivers a different model of healthcare. By focussing on optimising your diet and improving healthy habits, we can address the root cause of chronic disease, helping you to regain their health. There is an abundance of scientific research to support this strategy of care. It as a highly effective approach for preventing, treating and, in some cases, reversing disease.

PBHO and Lifestyle Medicine

At PBHO, we practise evidence-based lifestyle medicine.This gives us the opportunity to really target the cause of chronic disease and improve the quality of our patients lives. We want to help you achieve your best health through this powerful lifestyle first approach.

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