21 Day Plant-based health challenge

The 21-Day Plant-based health challenge has been created to help you to easily transition towards a plant-based diet.

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See what some of our participants are saying…


“I had some health problems last year and did some research around a WFPB diet. I came across the 21 day plant-based challenge in January and signed up. I found it effortless and haven’t looked back!  I’ve lost a stone and a half, and my symptoms are gone. My son has been inspired and made the switch too. Thank you so much for all the support, advice and encouragement.”


“I have been on a 90% plant-based diet and lifestyle on and off now for a couple of years. After reading more of your evidence based medical studies and individual case studies throughout your emails, I am now personally more convinced and confident than ever of the nutritional benefits of a fully plant-based diet and have decided to commit to a 100% WFPB nutritional diet and exercise lifestyle. A massive thanks to you and all at the PBHPUK.”


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plant-based lifestyle can help you?

Ready to find out how a plant-based lifestyle can help you?

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